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Strategic Services

Healthcare Business & Information Systems Planning

Margret\A Consulting

Whether preparing to implement an EHR or focusing on other strategic initiatives, many businesses seek unbiased, neutral third parties to help them facilitate their planning. The strategic planning services of Margret\A Consulting, LLC, are designed to be thorough and comprehensive, yet focused on outcomes. We very much believe that strategic planning is the means to achieve results; not an end in itself.

  • Strategic business planning services help identify whether healthcare is the right business for potential new entrants, offer independents help in building business plans and entry points into the healthcare marketplace, and facilitate the creation of new business opportunities and new focus for existing businesses.
  • Information systems assessment and evaluation provides an overall framework for determining an information systems strategy, helps wade through symptoms to identify core problems, and assists in studying options that will assure that information technology lends value to the organization.
  • Operations/work flow analysis is frequently a precursor to a successful EHR implementation, but may be required for many other information management and systems projects. Whether implementing a document imaging system, patient care system, CPOE or e-prescribing, web portal, or a myriad of other systems, our team building focus helps staff recognize issues and participate in creating solutions. Operations/work flow analysis is particularly important in managing hybrid systems where paper and electronic information both exist in an environment.
  • Performance improvement strategies may be the result of an information systems assessment, operations/work flow analysis, or benefits realization study that finds less than appropriate value being achieved from information systems. Performance improvement strategies may also be developed in association with compliance activities or other non-information technology business initiatives. Whatever the impetus, creating new and better ways to achieve objectives can be aided by a view from the outside.