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Strategic Qualifications

Healthcare Business & Information Systems Planning

Margret\A Consulting

Representative Client Engagements in Strategic Healthcare Business and Information Systems Planning

  • For a community hospital on the West Coast seeking to implement clinical systems, reviewed degree of success in implementing current application mix and assisted in developing a strategic plan that would enable benefit realization through process improvement, project management, and core vendor solutions.
  • For a large East Coast facility converting from a public hospital to a private integrated delivery network, fostered an information management service vision, developed strategic plan to integrate I.S. with business goals, and helped create an organizational structure to support the vision and strategic plans.
  • For an investment banker, conducted product/market assessment relative to financing an IT company’s new product line.
  • For a conference planning firm, conducted market research and competitive market analysis for incorporation of a certification program.
  • For a supplier of integration services, developed a white paper to promote strategic value of services in the EHR marketplace.
  • Provided market analysis for a recruitment firm relative to staffing needs for HIPAA.
  • For a health information management outsourcing company, participated in strategic business planning and key staff evaluation with respect to growth opportunities.
  • For several start-up EHR vendors, provided product analysis and competitive market analysis.
  • For a private college, participated in strategic planning surrounding new product offerings in distance learning and certification.
  • For a Midwest hospital and clinic foundation, evaluated health information services and particularly medical record chart movement to prepare to support an electronic health record system.
  • For a rural medical center, provided assistance with integrating the health information department into the information technology department, conducted an operational assessment of the health information department to achieve efficiencies while supporting corporate compliance initiatives, and provided a high level analysis of information flow relative to the current migration path toward an electronic health record system.
  • For a major document imaging vendor, assisted in evaluating the cost/benefit of implementing work flow tools in preparation for adoption of an electronic health record system.
  • For a large clinic affiliated with a major integrated delivery network in suburban Chicago, performed electronic medical record readiness assessment, and through operational analysis of the medical record department and clinical process redesign developed a cost/benefit justification for physicians going at risk for purchasing an electronic medical record system.
  • For a community hospital on the East Coast, conducted an enterprise-wide assessment to evaluate implementation of work flow technology in preparation ultimately for migration to an electronic health record system. The focus included admissions, medical records, and patient accounts.