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EHR Services

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Services

Margret\A Consulting

Numerous federal initiatives are pointing to this being the era of the electronic health record. Increasing demands for better data to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health care and address patient safety are leading to an unparalleled clinical transformation. Margret\A Consulting, LLC is committed to assisting our provider clients find information solutions along a well-defined, dynamic migration path tailored specifically to the provider and that produces the best possible solutions. Our EHR services focused on vendors reflect their need to fulfill their customers’ requirements; and services for other types of organizations and businesses help educate and prepare their constituents with their own EHR initiatives.

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Provider Services

EHR services are tailored to the client’s needs – whether a small provider office, large group practice, community hospital, or integrated delivery network:

  • EHR Education and Readiness Assessment – assessment, educational support, operations and work flow analysis, process redesign, data dictionary and quality management, cost/benefit analysis
  • I.S. Strategic Planning and Migration Path Development – goal setting, business development, information technology assessment, establishing information management service vision, organizational design
  • EHR Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation – requirements definition, RFP development and management, consensus decision facilitation; contract negotiation/service level agreements
  • EHR Implementation Preparedness Support and Project Management – project organization, project oversight and/or management, training programs, standards implementation, and customer service
  • I.S. Benefits Realizationpro forma cost/benefit analysis prior to purchase; establishment of metrics, measurement, course correction, and recognition of achievements after implementation
  • Grant/Award Application Development – assessment and assistance in writing funding grants and applications for industry achievement awards
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Vendor Services

Services are provided to a variety of vendor types, including full-service HIS vendors, EHR-focused suppliers, other generic system vendors, B2B and B2C healthcare businesses

  • Product and/or market analysis for start-up suppliers, established vendors at a critical juncture in their product life cycle, or companies targeting new markets.
  • Independent verification and validation of product/market characteristics
  • Due diligence and expert witness testimony for investment bankers or attorneys
  • Outsourcing assistance for companies pinched for resources (e.g., to respond to RFPs)
  • Orientation to health care and EHR product training for companies wishing to enter the healthcare market or have new sales recruits needing more in-depth understanding of EHR products. Services to support companies providing training, professional associations and societies, publishers, government agencies, and other suppliers to the healthcare industry include: White paper development and content for presentations, web sites, and other promotional materials help vendors promote their products and services within the healthcare industry.
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Trade Press, Professional Associations, Government Agencies, and Others

Services to support companies providing training, professional associations and societies, publishers, government agencies, and other suppliers to the healthcare industry include:

  • Keynote addresses, user group presentations, and staff training to understand the state-of-the-art, provide industry observations, facilitate learning about new regulations, etc.
  • Editorial advice, content for trade publications, toolkits, monographs, and technical report writing help provide education to target audiences and the general public
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